24 Jun

Restoring the Sacred to Life

In my own life, I have experienced how a seed of possibility must be protected in order to grow. Protected from my own doubts, or fears. Many a time have I had a dream in which I was shown something new. But the real work comes after such a dream. Just to hold, each day, each night, this possibility in the face of outer appearances.

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16 Nov

The Way of Women

I returned from the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City last month. Over 9000 people from 80 countries attended.  Walking through the vast complex where hundreds of workshops and gatherings were taking place, I remembered a dream shared by a friend nearly a decade ago. In her dream she heard these words, spoken by her teacher: When enough people come together, the world will change.

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28 Aug

Wisdom Surrounds Us

Always, life calls to us, speaks to us, if we can hear. Life, this living organism, has its own wisdom. I have heard in women’s dreams that there is a way we can be part of that wisdom, directly affecting the life around us. And one of the ways that women can help life is through trust in the unseen, the inner, the soul.

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07 Jul

Caring for the Sacred

How do we care for the sacred in life? Many years ago, when I was experiencing certain difficulties, I had a dream. In the dream, a male singer tells me, “I hear that you are not in love with life. You have only one life, you know. You need to love life. Even the mistakes. All of it.” And this created a huge shift in my consciousness.

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02 Mar

A Story of Longing

There is magic in a story. Some stories can show us that the divine exists - that there are forces that make things happen. I share this story about longing.

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18 Dec

Wherever I stand on the Earth

At this season of the year, when we celebrate the point of the darkest time and the time of the returning light, I share about women and the earth.

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29 Oct

Why We Share

We share, because we are one. These are the words I heard as I awoke one morning. I had recently returned from a gathering of twenty women who came together to share their dreams, visions, and prayers, for the earth.

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15 Sep

Waiting and Holding

I learned a lesson from the salvia plant in my garden. I was sitting on a stump with my granddaughter, beside this lovely bush with tiny purple flowers, watching a bee going from flower to flower.

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20 May

Bringing Down Heaven

When I first began to work in circles with women, an image arose when I was deep in meditation. The image was of many circles across the country, each circle held in a feminine container that linked heaven and earth. I reflected on this for many years. What did it mean, to connect heaven and earth?

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04 Apr

The Water of Grace

One day I felt depleted and weary. Like many women, I wear many hats - in the home, out in work, with a need also for that quiet space before the sun rises, before the household awakens, to be in prayer and silence. But I realized that day when I felt so empty, that I had to walk in the hills. I had just an hour.

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