contain wisdom

As we work with dreams and learn to pay attention to the subtle dimension of life around us, we feel the wisdom speaking within; this enables us to  uncover and embrace the power of the feminine soul. We watch for what is being born within us, and hold the images arising, images which point to our unity.


The Power of Dreamwork  Within the quiet wisdom of dreams, the sacred nature of life calls to us from far beyond the mind. Honoring this call transforms us and allows us to live in connection with our deepest Self. When we hold the messages of our dreams within our heart and have the courage to live them in the world, they open us and a natural healing can take place.

When women value the messages of their dreams, we drink from the wellspring of wisdom. This nourishes us, and we can, in response, nourish life. For there is a place in every woman where the personal and the universal are connected. We can bring forth this innate wisdom and insight needed to repair and restore the web of life.

During a difficult time in my own life, I had only my dreams to guide me. I came to realize that women can give birth to a sacred quality of being that heals and transforms their lives. From these dreams and from my own life and work, I came to realize the power that lies hidden in women, a power that is often released when an experience such as a dream, or a loss, opens a woman to a new dimension of consciousness. 

Women, through their dreams, intuition, and inner listening, can be guided through life in a way that is compassionate, respectful and powerful. To live with this type of attention helps us remember we are containers of Love, gratitude and compassion. Since a woman carries the wholeness of life within her, when we act from a place of respect for ourself and others, we give an energy back to life that is needed for its renewal. Every woman has access to this place of wisdom. It may seem ordinary, but this wisdom carries a fresh greening that can renew the sacred within us, and in all life.

Over the centuries, the knowledge of the feminine became buried deep within us. The world has become imbalanced because this wisdom and guidance is missing. We have to learn again how to listen to our dreams, to a softer voice inside that is trying to guide us. It requires a quality of inner attention and thoughtfulness. Through the practice of dreamwork we can remember the language of the soul and learn how to give love that nurtures us and all life around us.

Dreams are a precious doorway through which the energy from the inner world can be made conscious, ultimately guiding us towards healing our wounds and reviving life.
And because we are all different, for each of us this process is uniquely our own.